The House My Father Built

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It’s been six seven days since my father passed away. I didn’t know him very well. He kept to himself mainly and never really showed too much interest in me. All I know is he made a fortune in real estate and oil. His massive wealth lead to him having no real need to work ever again, in this lifetime or the next. So most of the day he would tinker and invent new gadgets and gizmos.

By the time I moved out of the house I had heard he began renovating and building additions to the house. After my mother passed that’s pretty much all he ever did anymore and I rarely ever came around to visit. There was no real need to visit after her passing, it’s not like we’d bond or connect. We never did, why would we then? Before I knew it ten years had passed before I visited him last.

I had an important excavation job I had to attend overseas around the time I noticed my lack of visits to my father. A week later, when the excavation was just about finishing up I got the news… my father had passed away and he left everything to me in his will. By the time I met with the lawyer I found out I was left with two options: take the wealth of my father’s bank account or choose to keep the house and everything in it. One or the other, not both.

I was baffled, confused, I just can’t understand… is this some kind of sick joke? Choose the money or the house?! Obviously most people would choose the money but I’m a realist and I pay close attention to detail, hence why I’m an archeologist. The will does state “the wealth of my bank account”, is his cruel joke to make me choose greed and it end up being a savings account with $50 in it? Whichever option I don’t choose will be donated to various charities.

Well at least someone wins in this sick twisted game. I chose the house. At least I’ll have a massive home, which is the same one that I grew up in, to pass onto my family. After exploring the house I began noticing blueprints for hidden rooms and passageways. I explored my father’s office for more evidence. I then began finding the hidden rooms until stumbling upon my first “dungeon” or “maze”.

I wonder what sits at the end of this labyrinth?


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Roguelie, Action, Arcade, Dungeon Crawler


  1. Only skeletal gameplay at the moment but the story is really good. I have nothing but high hopes for this game so far!

  2. Pretty cool concept so far. Randomly generated levels every time. After x randomly generated levels completed it keeps advancing the story. Really cool idea!

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